Landlocked Slovakia, also known as the Slovak Republic, shares borders with Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria.

Slovakia’s main industry sectors are car manufacturing and electrical engineering. Since 2007, it has been the world's largest producer of cars per capita. Slovakia is an attractive country for foreign investors, mainly because of its low wages, low tax rates and well educated labour force.

Bratislava, the capital is close to the Austrian border. The old town is a great place to explore the country’s rich past. The castle overlooking the Danube dates back to the Roman Empire. Much of the country is mountainous.

The Essentials

5.5 million 
Slovak (official), Hungarian   
Cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters 
Largest Cities
Bratislava (cap) pop 0.46m, Kisice pop 0.24m, Presov pop 0.1m   
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