Romania is bordered by Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and the Black Sea on the east.

Resorts on the Black Sea are popular destinations in the summer. The country is slowly shaking off the effects of the Ceausescu legacy. Traces of Romania’s heritage can be found in its many castles and medieval towns.

Bucharest, in the south of the country, is the capital and has many grand buildings such as The Royal Palace and the Palace of Parliament. Restaurants serve international cuisine and there are many bars, cinemas and theatres.

The cold winters make skiing a popular activity.


The Essentials

21.8 million   
Romanian (official), Hungarian 
Romanian leu 
Cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow and fog; sunny summers
Largest Cities
Bucharest (cap) pop 1.9m, Cluj-Napoca pop 0.32m, Timisoara pop 0.3m
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