Egypt is bordered by the Mediterranean, Sudan, Red Sea, Israel and Libya. The majority of Egypt’s population and most of its industry is situated close to the Nile, where the only arable land is found.

The capital, Cairo is situated on the River Nile and is Africa’s largest city. It blends the modern with the historic; shopping options include traditional souks and modern, air conditioned shopping malls. Egypt has one of the Middle East’s most diversified economies, with well-developed tourism, agriculture, industry and services sectors.

Luxor is one of Egypt’s top tourist destinations. The Red Sea coast is very popular with divers.

The Essentials

85.3 million 
Arabic. English and French understood. 
Egyptian pound   
Hot, dry summers and moderate winters 
Largest Cities
Cairo (cap) pop 8.1m, Alexandria pop 4.4m, Giza pop 3.3m
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