Centred on Success

On Thursday 16th of January, the Global Jobs Network Team attended our first session of 2014 with Marion Graham of Soul Success. The focus of the day was on being, ‘Centred on Success’.

Executive coaching is an important aspect of our culture at Global Jobs Network and we use it to provide our team with tools they can apply to deal with challenging situations both within and outwith their working environment.  We live in the real world and will come up against challenges to achieving the goals we aspire towards.  By taking time out of the office to think about how we most effectively handle challenge, our team members are better equipped to deal with their own challenges, and to identify when colleagues or family and friends could do with some support and encouragement.

On Thursday we looked at how your state of mind will influence the way in which you handle situations and ultimately your success in areas of your life which are important to you.  How often do you think about the words which follow ‘I am’ before you say something?  Our team learned about Pastor Joel Osteen’s Sermon: The Power of I am.  The premise of Pastor Osteen’s sermon is that "Whatever follows 'I am' will come looking for you." If your ‘selftalk’ is ‘I am broke’, ‘I am tired’, ‘I am useless’, then how can you expect to be wealthy, energetic, and successful? This view is shared by Oprah Winfrey who featured Pastor Osteen on her Lifeclass show. By making simple changes to our language we can make a big difference to our general attitude and the way we approach situations and interactions with others. This can have a major impact on how enthusiastic and confident we are when we embark on a new endeavor. Instead of ‘I hate’, how about using ‘I prefer’, or instead of ‘not bad’, how about responding with ‘I am great’?

Our team was encouraged to go through their day with a ‘Gratitude Attitude’. This means that even when you are having a day which is going badly/could be going more smoothly, you look for the positives in that day.  For example, the weather is awful but you are working from home today; you have a mountain of work to do but the market is buoyant, and you have the scope to be very successful.

When you look at a challenge can you ‘reframe’ it in a positive light? What opportunity does it present you with? For example if you are new to your job, feel underconfident and that you are never going to be as good as more experienced team members; you could reflect that you have been selected to join the team for a reason, are in a supportive environment and have successful colleagues to learn from.

Marion Graham also introduced the team to the idea of ‘anchoring’ whereby you identify what brings you back to a positive place. This could be a song, photograph, object or place that evokes positive emotions and helps you to ‘break the state’ and get your mindset back on track. Find what works for you and make sure you can access it at all times.

As Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.” So choose your thoughts and words wisely!

Gillian Nuttall BAcc CA

Partner and Finance Director, Global Jobs Network